Caribbean Food: 5 Best Things to Eat in Aruba

The Caribbean food scene is strong in Aruba
Aruba is a great country to discover the Caribbean food scene

Caribbean food is a very diverse cuisine.

Caribbean food is a very diverse cuisine thanks to the array of cultural influences that have led to some of the best Caribbean food recipes. African, East Indian, Arab, European, Amerindian, and Chinese influences are present in much of the Caribbean food many know and love.

Aruba is a great country to discover the Caribbean food scene. Don’t leave Aruba without trying sopa di pompuna, pumpkin soup, which is a typical Caribbean food delicacy that can be found in countless restaurants across the island. 

One of the classic Aruban dishes to try is keshi yena, or a large, round ball of cheese served steamed or fried and stuffed with minced meat.

Cool island soup is another must-try dish in Aruba. This soup is made with lime juice, unsweetened apricot nectar, pineapple, cantaloupe, and papaya and is commonly eaten across the island.

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Cala, a traditional dish made of bean fritters, is a common snack in Aruba, as is bolita di keshi. Bolita di keshi, which is loved by many children in Aruba, is made of egg, white cheese, and yellow cheese, all rolled into a ball and deep-fried.