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Bizarre Food Ads Around the World

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Little Baby's Ice Cream

To celebrate the opening of their new ice cream store in Philadelphia, the owners of Little Baby’s Ice Cream decided to create this TV commercial: the most terrifying commercial you have ever seen. And if you don't want to be put off ice cream forever (like I didn't), I strongly advise you avoid watching this commercial for the rest of your life. While a man covered in what appears to be the ice cream advertised, not once blinking, a disturbing narrator hauntingly claims “you'll wink, and nod, and hug, and high five each other with great enthusiasm.” Run away now!

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The source of many people's fear of clowns. McDonald's has come a long, long way since its first TV commercial in 1963, but if this commercial is anything to go by, Ronald McDonald the clown's real career has been starring in horror movies ever since.

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Milk Seafood Noodles

You may have heard about Japan's weird and wacky commercials, and this one certainly lives up to that reputation. This young lady was simply trying to enjoy her “milk seafood noodles” in the middle of some eerie woods, when out of nowhere, men in cheese and pepper costumes jump out and attack her noodles.

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Tarako Pasta

The idea behind this commercial is to demonstrate how your Tarako pasta comes "all neatly lined up," just like the army of baby-faced things marching towards this girl's pasta bowl while she stares back in horror. I wonder what happened to that kid…


Pizza Hut

K-Pop is a huge deal in South Korea, so this Pizza Hut commercial targets this audience by having a wannabe “Girls Generation” do a dance routine with their pizza. The problem is, you can't dance and eat pizza and the same time. However, if you loved the dancing, there's a tutorial at the end, so you can learn the routine. Neat!


Burga Kebab

Excuse me? What? Am I missing something here? I can only fathom that whoever thought up this billboard either has an incredibly dry sense of humor or is currently serving time for a stabbing incident at the local eatery.

Apple Juice

Michael Jordan for Nike? Britney for Pepsi? Seems legit. So why is Ringo Starr the face of this brand of apple juice in Japan? Here's the bizarre connection: "Ringo Starr" roughly translates to "apple juice" in Japanese! You learn something new every day, I suppose.

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There's nothing to be proud of here. Since when are doughnuts considered fresh food? Seriously, the only thing fresh about Australian this advertisement is the air blowing through the center of the doughnut. Although, at least the letters are green...

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