Best Spring Break Parties

It may only be Thanksgiving, but your brain is already in vacation mode

Miami is a popular spring break destination.

It’s Thanksgiving, and if you’re away at college, you’re probably seeing your friends for the first time since you went up to school. Obviously the best way to nurse your food hangovers and get motivated to resist over-indulging any time in the near future is to start planning that week-long holiday that all students love and adore: spring break. 

South Padre Island, Texas

Texas’ spring break on South Padre Island feels like a place where there exists nothing but college students who are all entirely on your level. The glory knows no limits.

Miami Beach

Miami is like a permanent spring break year-round: clubs, house music, tanned bodies, and warm weather. What more could you want?

Las Vegas

Every day is a party in Vegas. Though some may say a weekend in Vegas is plenty, there are the few brave souls who embark on a week-long bender of pool parties, Swedish DJ's like Avicii, and copious amount of cocktails, beers, and alcohol. 


Cancun has long been a legendary spring break destination. Not only are you going to have one of the most iconic spring breaks ever, but you’ll get to nurse your hangover with tacos, nachos, and more of the most beautiful foods known to man.


Crystal clear blue waters, blazing hot sun, and island vibes. Who wouldn’t want to spend spring break (or any time, for that matter) in the Bahamas?


Originally published on November 25, 2014