Australian Food: Where to Find Australian Food in New York

New York has become a burgeoning scene for Australian food
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There are many Australian pubs offering Australian food in NYC.

There are many different meals that can be found across the board in the world of Australian food scene, which bears influences from the British, from Aboriginal Australians, and from the cultural diversity that can be found in the country today. In Australia, pubs across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, as well as many other cities and towns, offer traditional pub fare. 

New York has become a burgeoning scene for Australian food. Among the best places in New York to tuck into some good Australian food is The Australian, a pub located in Midtown.  Among the many popular types of Australian food on the menu are kangaroo loin; traditional meat pies; chicken parm; and an Aussie lamb roast.

The Tuck Shop in NYC also offers traditional Australian food, including sausage rolls; the traditional meat pies; lamb shank and vegetarian pie; and lamngintons ­– a popular type of cookie – for desserts.

Burke & Willis is an Australian-themed bistro on the Upper West Side. Common Australian food found on the menu is a kangaroo burger; pan-seared Barramundi; lamb stew; and NY strip steak.

There is also a popular Australian pub in Queens called the Thirsty Koala. On the menu are boomerang Aussie jaffles, or sandwiches served on fresh bread, named after various famous places around Australia, like Bondi Beach. Also on the menu are Australian dishes including fried calamaril; filet mignon; and herb-roasted lamb chops, among many others. 

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