8 Famous Landmarks the Locals Hate


8 Famous Landmarks the Locals Hate

Tourists love to take pictures of these 8 famous landmarks; locals hate that the structures even exist

People generally dislike change, so it’s not surprising to hear that locals were originally against the construction of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument. However, over time, the public outrage cooled and now these are among the most beloved and iconic landmarks in their respective cities.

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This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes the disapproval remains throughout the lifetime of a structure, occasionally even growing worse as time goes on. This sentiment often eludes visiting tourists, who excitedly snap photos of these famous spots — which probably further enrages the locals.

Being a tourist gives one some behavioral leeway, and there’s nothing wrong with being an outsider; but if you really want to fit in, skip the following eight attractions. And if you happen to coincidentally find yourself in the shadow of one of them, at least don’t take your camera out. Trust us: None of them make for a good photo opportunity anyway.

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