4 Koalas Fly Qantas — It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

Paddle, Pellita, Chan, and Idalia flew first class to the Singapore zoo

Koalas enjoyed an in-flight meal of eucalyptus leaves.

Qantas is famous for having some the best business class service, but now they officially have the cutest service ever: koala class.

The airline is flying four koala bears from Brisbane to Singapore where they will be on loan at the Singapore zoo.

Qantas dubbed the adorable flight “koala class.” Though there won’t be any tiny bottles of booze or warm nuts during the approximately seven-hour flight, there will be a tree and eucalyptus leaves for Paddle, Pellita, Chan, and Idalia to chew in their custom-built, climate controlled shipping capsules.

No word yet on whether koalas qualify for frequent-flier miles.


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