25. Red Cabbage Café (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) from 25 Best Restaurants in Mexico (Slideshow)

25 Best Restaurants in Mexico (Slideshow)

Red Cabbage Cafe
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25. Red Cabbage Café (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, this small café might be hard to find, but it's definitely worth the search. The bohemian dining room of Red Cabbage Café is a colorful one, with brightly painted walls covered with photographs, paintings, posters, and magazine clippings about cultural icons of Mexico, including Frida Kahlo, who even has a special menu dedicated to her, replicating dishes she and husband Diego Rivera used to prepare for guests. That menu includes things like cream of peanut soup (which, according to Red Cabbage Café, was the opening course at Kahlo and Rivera’s Christmas dinners); mole poblano, made with 25 different ingredients and served over chicken breast with rice and beans; homemade flan; and of course a shot or two of tequila or a margarita. Other than the special Kahlo menu, Red Cabbage Café offers a versatile mix of dishes from different regions of Mexico, including tortilla soup, stuffed chile peppers, and tacos, all made from scratch and in authentic style. The restaurant also offers cooking classes.