10 of the World's Most Bizarre-Themed Bars (Slideshow)


Manderley Bar at The McKittrick Hotel, New York City

Home to the bizarre, trippy, interactive theatre Sleep No More, The McKittrick Hotel is a suitably eccentric venue for the experimental Macbeth incarnation. The hotel’s signature bar seems to come from an alternative universe itself, outfitted as a revivalist jazz-era lounge with absinthe punch to go around, eerie simulated cigarette smoke lingering to set the mood, sultry actors in era-appropriate costumes, and excellent live period music.  

Das Klo Bar in Berlin, Germany


Das Klo is not the place for those who want a calm and cozy evening… or for the claustrophobic. Toilet seats, door handles, and toilet brushes hanging from the ceiling earned Das Klo the nickname “toilet bar” among locals. Water sprinkles at you from the ceiling, lightning flashes at you from start to finish — this pub is a theme-park experience. Beer is served in urine specimen cups and wine in blood transfusion packs, and animals like iguanas and boa constrictors will appear out of nowhere. Not for the faint of heart. 

Ichub Club in Bangkok, Thailand


An obesity-themed bar, Ichub Club’s main draw is its signature special: if you and three friends total 360 kg or more (794 pounds,) you get a free bottle of whiskey. The interior is decorated with paintings of chubby nudes and comic book characters, and the entire place is outfitted with reinforced metal chairs to accommodate the club’s heftier clientele. 

Lagoon Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland

A dip in the geothermal pools outside of Reykjavik is an absolute must on a trip to Iceland. Bathing in the hauntingly milky-blue pools simmering with 1.6 million gallons of water is said to be curative, but as you’re slathering yourself up with mineral mud gazing out on volcanic fields, you can do so with a drink in hand! With a “swim-up” (or more of a wade-over-to) bar serving champagnes, beers, or cocktails like the signature Blue Lagoon cocktail (a mixture of white wine and blue curacao), all you need is the swipe of an electronic bracelet and you’re back to bathing in bliss. 

Bharma in Barcelona, Spain

If you’re looking to get lost in a surge of nightlife, Barcelona’s a good place to start. But the city has taken its calling a step further, introducing the world’s first “Lost”-themed bar, outfitted with haunting memorabilia from the show — including pieces of the doomed plane, the door to the hatch, and of course TVs with episodes of the namesake show playing on loop. Make sure you stop in and grab a Bharma Initiative beer or energy drink!

Safe House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Like a real-life game of Clue, but with cocktails, Safe House is located in non-descript alleyway and denoted with a simple plaque for an “International Exports, Ltd.” Entirely espionage-themed, to gain entry, guests must either provide a password or else perform some kind of charade, song or dance. Once inside, there are hidden secrets all over the place and you can make your experience as interactive as you want it to be. The bar has regular magic shows as well.

HR Giger Bar in Gruyeres, Switzerland

Developed by the artist behind the visual effects in the films Alien and Poltergeist, the HR Giger Bar is nestled right in the center of the medieval Swiss town and is undeniably creepy. With three vaulted, skeletal levels displaying Giger’s spooky work, the effect is otherworldly, especially in contrast to the otherwise bucolic village on the outside.

Hobbit House in Manila, Philippines

A thoroughly themed Lord of the Rings bar, it’s not so much the décor and setting that distinguishes The Hobbit House as its staff: the bar is entirely run by little people. The Hobbit House has visitors raving that it’s the staff (and the top-notch beer selection) that is the heart and soul of the place. 

Extreme Fun Pub in Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni, Bolivia has one major draw for tourism: Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, a picturesque mirror that extends over 5,500 enthralling miles. The town’s most popular pub, dubbed Llama Extreme by the locals, took its tribute to tourism to the next level. Spend all day trekking through the vistas of the flats and all you want to do it sit with an ice cold beer and your feet in the… salt. That’s right, Extreme Fun Pub’s got several inches of its very own salt beach with deck chairs to boot. And with drinks like “llama spunk” shots and phallic glasses, it’s earned its title as the most fun spot in the otherwise sleepy town. 

Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Shinjuku is known as one of the most energetic nightlife centers in all of Tokyo — a neon-dipped city already famous for its after-hours antics. Nowhere is as representative of this as Robot Restaurant and Bar. Located in a basement in the Kabukichō district, every night bikini-clad girls remotely battle enormous robots in a central arena. The show is about 3 hours and the ¥5,000 entry fee (around $50 USD) includes a mediocre bento box and a drink. It’s the extravaganza, not the fare, that you’ll be paying attention to.