10 Food Instagrams Every Traveler Should Follow

Your Instagram 'feed' will never be the same

If you're looking for great food around the world, start in Paris with dessert guru and cookbook author David Lebovitz

Instagram has done wonders for food photography. Not only has it made food photography more accessible, but it has also given professional photographers and chefs the chance to share their behind-the-scenes lives. When these lives involve traveling the world to eat or cook delicious food, it’s lucky for us. We can globe-trot vicariously on our phones.

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The gesture is so familiar — take out your phone, capture any moment, save it onto the cloud forever, all in a few minutes. To know that accomplished food personalities are doing the same thing all over the world makes us feel like we are right there with them. And we definitely want to be right there with them — whether in Paris, São Paulo, or Phuket, or in their own homes (where they don’t stay for long).

As soon as we decided to make this list, a few names came to mind. Does anybody eat, travel, and ‘gram with more charisma than Anthony Bourdain? No, but he’s hardly the only gastronomically inclined traveler with a phone. We love seeing creative chefs incorporate their personalities into foreign ingredients, as René Redzepi did in Japan when he made cuttlefish soba with a broth of roses.

We also looked at lists other outlets have compiled for Best Food Instagrams and Best Travel Instagrams, and found the ones we liked that overlapped. Clearly, we can’t write a piece on Instagram that ignores what the people of Instagram love: artistic images that play with lighting, for example, like those of Los Angeles-based photographer Rick Poon. The internet also loves a sense of humor, even in food and travel, so you’ll just have to wait and see whose Instagram we’re referring to. Hint: it involves food you can only carry in one hand.

Every traveler should live vicariously through these nomads — at least, every traveler whose eyes are as big as his or her stomach. No matter the filter, the photos on these Instagrams will inspire you to book your next ticket before you scroll another inch. And before (or after) you do, make sure you share your food and travel Instagrams with us in the comments section for a chance to be featured in an article on The Daily Meal. 



Instagram/David Lebovitz


David Lebovitz’s adventures outside his kitchen are just as picturesque as the ones inside. His Instagram contains some of the best images of Paris (and beyond).



Instagram/Seth Kugel



The New York Times’ frugal traveler stays away from nice restaurants and takes us straight to the food of the people. His Instagram features everything from up-close-and-personal shots to sweeping panoramas.