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10 Best Southern Hemisphere Destinations Where It Will Soon Be Summer

This winter, travel to Earth’s warmer half

Instead of spending your winter vacation skiing on a mountain or hiding behind layers of clothes and cups of hot chocolate, what if you could spend it in a bathing suit with an ocean view, catching some rays? If you want to escape the bitter cold of winter, take a trip to one of the many countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

10 Best Southern Hemisphere Destinations Where It Will Soon Be Summer 

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Earth’s Southern Hemisphere is just now approaching summer while the Northern Hemisphere is bracing for winter. And although the idea of a white, snowy holiday can seem magical, shoveling the snow or trekking through slush the next morning won’t be. Instead, imagine waking up by a beach in Bali enjoying a hike through the vibrant landscape of New Zealand, or snorkeling in Kenya. In case you’re thinking of booking a last-minute trip to a warmer city during the coming winter months, here’s your guide for the 10 best Southern Hemisphere destinations where it will soon be summer.