10 Best Food Magazines From Around the World Slideshow


France: Elle à Table

One of the many issues produced by the worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin, Elle à Table is a favorite monthly food magazine in its home country that, as the name might suggest, is primarily aimed at women. In addition to highlighting and breaking down trends, the magazine typically offers readers seasonal recipes, entertaining tips, travel ideas, restaurant reviews, and celebrity chef interviews (unsurprising, considering what their sister publication is).

Germany: Der Feinschmecker

Der Feinschmecker is one of the most respected food magazine titles in Germany. Its name literally means "the gourmet," and the magazine offers readers recipes, cooking tips, product and ingredient reviews, and suggested culinary travel itineraries. Additionally, the magazine publishes a yearly guide that reviews hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, delis, and wineries throughout Germany and neighboring countries.

New Zealand: Cuisine

This comprehensive Kiwi food publication focuses on four main categories for any given issue: food, wine, restaurants, and travel. While their scope can be global, they focus on reviewing domestic restaurants and wineries, in addition to offering readers seasonal recipes. The magazine also hosts the annual Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards, which selects the country’s best restaurants, wineries, and wineries for each year. Additionally, to honor New Zealand products, the publication distributes annual Artisan Awards.

Australia: Gourmet Traveller

Largely considered to be Australia’s top food and travel publication, Gourmet Traveller is a comprehensive source for information on Australia’s best chefs, restaurants, and wineries. The magazine also covers travel trends, recipes from around the world, and provides readers with entertaining tips. Beyond the monthly magazine, they also publish an annual restaurant guide.  

Hong Kong & Macau: Crave

Hong Kong and Macau’s Crave offers readers a "modern breed" of gastronomic magazine, according to their website. The monthly publication features restaurant reviews, recipes, culinary world news, and shopping tips. In addition to their editorial staff, Crave also has an acclaimed Chef Panel that advises "on all things gastronomic." The magazine also has a social club that readers can join through the magazine’s website.  

Italy: La Cucina Italiana

Americans may be familiar with the stateside edition, but the acclaimed La Cucina Italiana actually, and fittingly, originated in Italy (the magazine also has German, Dutch, and Czech versions). The original version is very similar to its American counterpart, while featuring beloved and classic Italian recipes, food and wine reviews, travel itineraries, and entertaining tips.

United Kingdom: BBC Good Food

Produced by BBC Worldwide, BBC Good Food is primarily a recipe publication that also seeks to demystify cooking techniques for home cooks by providing how-to guides, health and nutrition information, strategies for easy family meals, and shopping lists for essential kitchen tools. Their large recipe library is broken down into several main categories including cakes and baking, family and kids, seasonal, vegetarian, events, special diets, and cuisines, among others.

Canada: Acquired Taste

A relatively new publication (they’re currently working on their fourth issue), Canada’s Acquired Taste (otherwise known as Acqtaste) seeks to "redefine the world of food as well as the general perception of food publications." Their print issues explore the intersection of food culture with design, art, architecture, fashion, film, and music. In addition to providing food-related news across Canada, they also "highlight the culture behind food" in international cities including Chicago, San Francisco, New York, London, Mexico City, and Copenhagen. 

South Africa: Food & Home Entertaining

South Africa’s leading food and drink publication is Food & Home Entertaining. It’s primarily a recipe and cooking magazine that also offers entertaining advice, chef profiles, cookbook and product reviews, suggested travel itineraries, and restaurant write-ups.