10 Best Duty-Free Airports for Food & Drink Slideshow

Looking to avoid taxes? Here are the top shops to do so around the world

10. Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

Kingsford Smith airport sells a variety of name-brand liquors and champagnes, like Hennessy, Jacob’s Creek, Johnny Walker, and Martell in their largest duty-free store. The airport is also home to the only Lonely Planet travel store in the world, which sells a variety of the company’s travel guidebooks, maps, accessories, and gadgets. 

9. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport

This airport sells a wide variety of name-brand candies, many of which may not be available elsewhere in India. Brands sold duty-free include Cadbury, M&M's, Smarties, Snickers, Twix, Hershey, and more. The airport also sells a variety of local crafts, jewels, and fabrics at duty-free prices. 

8. Vancouver International Airport

This hub allows visitors to buy all things Canadian. With duty-free shops in many terminals, the airport offers many souvenir options for those hoping to take something home from their visit. There are various sweets, chocolate, and liquor stores throughout the terminals, but World Duty Free is the largest store selling the most food and drink items. 

7. Frankfurt Airport

Germany’s busiest airport is not just busy with flights. The retail offerings at the airport would cover four soccer fields. The airport also has a wide variety of wine and champagne from different regions in Europe, such as Germany and Italy. 

6. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Schiphol works to maintain its position as one of the top shopping airports with high discounts and promotions and their clever slogan, "See, buy, fly." Travelers are able to check out the current offers on the website so they can plan their shopping time accordingly. Shops sell local treats like tulips and traditional Dutch foods. Many store sell liquors and whiskey, but a real treat is the deals on Gouda cheese sold at various vendors. 

5. Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport

This airport is home to one of the only airport Ferrari boutiques, selling leather jackets, T-shirts, and other products stamped with the famous logo. The area also has shops selling the fine food and wine Italy is famous for. The chocolate shop Venchi guarantees freshness and quality, and sells a variety of chocolate delicacies and gelato. 

4. Montreal-Trudeau Airport

The duty-free shops at this Canadian airport sell maple syrup in a variety of quantities and ways. Canada is known for their syrup, and finding the real stuff in the U.S. can be difficult and pricey. The airport sells the product in its natural form, as well as in the form of candles, soaps, and other sweets like chocolate. 

3. London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is one of the most famous airports in the world, and for good reason. Not only is the airport one of the busiest in the world, but it is also home to 48,000 square meters of retail space over five terminals. Items and prices range from cheap souvenir mugs to luxurious designer gear. The airport is home to World of Whiskies, which sells more than 350 malts, many of which are rare, and has two locations in the airport. 

2. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle is one of the world’s leading duty-free airports, offering classic duty-free items like cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, chocolate, and liquor and tobacco. The airport sells specialty foods, such as rare preserves like watermelon-geranium, jasmine, violet, and orange blossom jams alongside high-end wines (many French, unsurprisingly) and spirits. 

1. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport has been the world’s leading duty-free retailer for a couple of years (based on total sales). Opening in 1983, the airport is home to the Sheikh Rashid Terminal (also known as the Concourse), which houses the majority of the shops. The strip is open 24 hours a day and is a massive 5,400 square feet of retail. The airport sells a variety of artisan chocolates, including popular brands like Toblerone. But it is not the brands sold that are impressive, but instead the sheer amount available at this massive duty-free retailer. In 2012, the airport profited nearly $408 million from duty-free sales.