Travel Photo of the Day: Tagines in Marrakech

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A tagine is a type of clay cookware that's common in North Africa

‘Tagine’ means a couple of things throughout North Africa; it is both a dish and cookware. As a stew, tagine (also spelled tajine), is mainly composed of meats, vegetables, and sometimes even fruits.

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As a cooking vessel, a tagine is a ceramic shallow pot with a conical lid. It acts like a pressure cooker by allowing ingredients to slowly stew in the trapped moisture. As the moisture collects in the cone, it forms drops before returning to the stew.

Even today, eating from a tagine (or the dish itself), continues to be a communal affair. Given that they are closed, the cooking vessel can function like a portable stove while being set on top of hot coals. With the steam, kebabs, and smoking grill, we can certainly say that we wish we were there ourselves.

Looking for a tasty tagine recipe to make at home? Check out ours for lamb tagine with oranges, saffron, and candied orange peel!

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