Travel Photo of the Day: Falafel

There are many variations of this simple street food throughout the Middle East


A Middle Eastern snack that many of us are familiar with in the States is falafel. The warm, crispy, and fried hush puppy look-alike is essentially "a fried ball of seasoned chickpeas" (and/or fava beans) that’s oftentimes served with pita bread and tahini sauce. The seasoning may vary depending on who the cook is, but generally includes garlic, onion, parsley, and coriander.

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Although some might claim it as Israel’s national snack, the cheap street food is popular throughout many Middle Eastern countries. To be expected, to recipe varies throughout, with Egypt exclusively using fava beans, while many other strictly use chickpeas, or even a mix of both. When traveling through this part of the world, falafel is certainly the iconic street food that every visitor should sample.

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