Travel Photo of the Day: Durian

This Southeast Asian fruit has a polarizing effect

Durian has a thick and spikey exterior that encases a soft, custard-like interior.

To some, it’s the "king of fruits," while to others, it "tastes like rotten onions and smells like feet." With such polarizing opinions, one has to make up their own mind when it comes to durian: a large, yellow, oblong, and spikey fruit.

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Prevalent throughout Southeast Asia, durian can give the impression of a sweet cream or custard. Alternatively, the experience of eating durian is also oftentimes described as nearly "putrid." As mentioned before by The Daily Meal, the reason behind the pungent smell is thought to be a compound called indole: a byproduct of bacterial degradation that has an intense fecal odor.

Don’t mind us, though. We wouldn’t want to discourage you from making your own mind up about this contentious fruit…

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