Travel Photo of the Day: Cannoli

Bring Italy to your kitchen with this simple recipe

Chocolate chips are a classic cannoli garnish.

One of the most popular Italian desserts, as well as one of the most familiar to American diners, is cannoli. The cylindrical treat is eaten year-round in its native country, but is especially important as a holiday confection.

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A traditional cannoli filling is a creamy combination of several readily available ingredients: ricotta, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon oil, and powdered sugar. Given their simplicity, cannoli are easily customized with different garnishes or sauces. Chocolate chips are classic, but cannoli can also be dipped or filled with chocolate, for example.

Ranging from mini to large, cannoli come in a variety of sizes — the choice is yours!

Craving cannoli? Check out our recipe for Sicilian cannoli!

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