Travel Agents, Lawyers Most Likely to Gain Weight

A new study pinpointed the top 10 jobs that can make you fat. Luckily, food writing isn't one of them
Watching Your Weight

You may be surprised to learn about these weight gain facts. 

Travel agents and lawyers, beware. A new survey from CareerBuilder decided to look at the professions that gain the most weight, and travel agents, lawyers, and judges top the charts.

Following judges, social workers, teachers, artists/designers/architects (how those get lumped together is beyond us), and administrative assistants make the top seven. Physicians, policemen, firefighters, public relations representatives, and information technology professionals are also more likely to gain weight, although with the firefighters we imagine it's with all the working out rather than too many donuts.

Luckily, writers and journalists are nowhere on the list, probably because we're all starving and not getting paid as much as those lawyers, but the study did find that every two in five workers did gain weight while at their current jobs.

The study surveyed 57,000 full-time employees, most of whom attributed weight gain to sitting all day long.

More than half of those surveyed reported to eating out at least once a week, and 23 percent eat out three times a week. Ten percent surveyed tend to opt for lunch from vending machines, almost equally unhealthy (Doritos... yum?).

Other subjects also cited stress-eating, skipping meals, work parties, the office candy jar (M&M's here at The Daily Meal), and the pressure to eat those cupcakes that girl in the corner always brings. Note to self: Lay off those cupcakes, and start taking the stairs.


This article was originally published on June 7, 2012.