Trail Mix: The Ideal Cocktail Party Snack

Celebrate Trail Mix Day with ideas on how to create smashing mixes that your guests will love

Add a trail mix to your next bash for some sweet and salty extra fun!

Cocktails need a friend — they always do — which is why there’s usually a bowl of nuts or trail mix atop bars so patrons can snack and sip in unison.

Not all trail mixes are created equal, but there are some stellar mixes that are savory and sweet, salty and sugary, and just plain delicious. Don't think we forgot the use of trail mix for hiking and as an everyday snack food — those are great ideas, but we’re party people over here at The Daily Meal, so we’re sticking to bashes and soirées at the moment.

Now, what makes a fantastic trail mix? We’re going to say loads of crunch, a fair amount of salt, a solid variety of nuts, a hint of granola, and either a fruit or chocolate component.

Here are a few great recipes we’ve found around town:

Pumpkin Seed and Dried Cherry Trail Mix with Dark Chocolate Recipe 

Fire Crackers 

Crunchy Peanut Butter Mix

Better-Than-Sex Chex Mix Recipe 

Frito Snack Mix

For a great party favor idea, make trail mix and place in glass mason jars. Tie a ribbon and add a decorative label and — voilà! — a treat they won’t forget: personal, homemade, and delicious.