Tracy Morgan Admits Benihana Obsession

Tracy Morgan might love Benihana more than anybody in the world. He loves it so much that he had one of their hibachi grills installed in his house, and hires staffers to host Benihana nights at his house. 

But while he might be the teppanyaki chain’s most ardent admirer, he’s far from the teppanyaki chain’s only famous fan. In an interview about his Benihana obsession, Morgan revealed to New York Magazine that one of the best places to spot celebrities in New York may well be the midtown Benihana.

"This is the Benihana on 56th Street in Manhattan… Everybody comes here. L.L. comes here, Busta comes here. The Rock comes here. Everybody comes to this Benihana," said Morgan, who uses the restaurant’s communal tables to try out jokes on the public.

Benihana is famous for rapid-fire chopping and other acts of food-as-entertainment, but an impromptu celebrity comedy revue sounds like an unexpected bonus for diners who were just expecting to see a few flying shrimp.