Tourists Lay Claim to 30 Sets of Airline Cutlery

Singapore Airlines tourists refused to return their tableware
Wikimedia/Terence Ong

Tourists on a Singapore Airlines flight pocketed 30 sets of stainless steel dining utensils.

Some people will keep just about anything as a souvenir. A group of tourists traveling from China on a Singapore Airlines flight recently decided the airline's cutlery would make a great memento, and refused to hand their knives and forks over when the meal was done.

According to Shanghaiist, the 30 members of a tour group visiting Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, enjoyed their in-flight meal and then promptly pocketed all 30 sets of stainless steel Singapore Airlines-branded flatware it was served with, assuming the cutlery was a bonus prize.

Even when the flight attendants said the cutlery was just on loan to fliers and not actually a free gift, the tour group fought off all attempts to reclaim the silverware. Some of the tourists insisted it was their right to keep the silverware, saying they'd heard from other people that it was OK to keep the tableware on Singapore Airlines, even though the flight attendants were actively trying to retrieve the non-complementary cutlery at the time.

Eventually the tour guide stepped in and castigated his clients about their behavior, lecturing them about their behavior could "hurt the reputation of the Chinese people," at which point the embarrassed cutlery thieves grudgingly capitulated and gave back the utensils.

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We hope their hotel has a good count of its towels.