Tostitos Rolls Out New Cantina Chips and Salsas

The new products are designed to recreate the Mexican restaurant experience

Tostitos Cantina


When we open up a bag of Tostitos, by this point we know what to expect. Crispy tortilla chips, not too thin, not too thick — they're the standard-bearer when it comes to scooping up some salsa. But one thought that generally doesn’t come to mind is, "Gee, these taste exactly like the chips I get at [insert favorite Mexican restaurant’s name here]!"

For that reason, Tostitos has unveiled their four newest creations: Cantina chips, which are yellower, thicker, and crunchier than their standard chip; Cantina Thin & Crispy, which are much thinner and lighter than the original; and two new sauces, Chipotle Restaurant Style and Roasted Garlic Thick and Chunky.

While these new creations still aren’t realistic representations of the fresh chips and salsa that you’ll find in a good Mexican restaurant, they’re still winners, and are a solid extension of the Tostitos brand into more nuanced fare. The crunchy, thick Cantina chips are ideal for chunkier salsas and heavier toppings (read: perfect for nachos), and although the thin ones didn't hold up so well in the bag, they had that expected Tostitos flavor while holding their own against more gourmet super-thin chips like Xochitl. The salsas were also better than expected, with real garlic flavor and chunks of tomatoes in the Roasted Garlic and a pronounced smoky spiciness coming through in the Chipotle.

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