Tori Spelling’s Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining

Fashionista and celebrity mom Tori Spelling offers Starburst-inspired entertaining tips

Tori Spelling dishes her best Halloween party tips!

All of us have an inner party planner. At least, that is what TV star, mom, and entertainer extraordinaire Tori Spelling believes.

"I like to think of myself as a Jill of all trades," she says.

It is a fair self-assessment. On top of being a family woman, Spelling manages to juggle the worlds of fashion, television, crafting, cooking, and even authorship. She combined her passions and last year published a best-selling book called celebraTORI, which teaches readers how to unleash their inner party planner. Her new book, Spelling It Like It Is (to be released in late October), gives a behind-the-scenes look at Spelling's life as she juggles life, love, style, and family.

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Her party-planning passion began at the early age of 8, when Spelling organized herself a roller-skating birthday soirée.

"It's going to sound silly, but there's something to be said for hot pink and turquoise," she told us of what stuck with her from that first taste of entertaining. "That party was my first time color-coordinating. What I loved most about that party was that at age 8, I had my very own color scheme, and it was the first of many."

Since then the multitalented star has honed a few skills to become quick on her feet when it comes to pulling off a party of any kind, especially when it comes to keeping kids and busy moms in mind.

"It is OK to be last-minute," she says. "In the end, holidays are about bringing families together." 

But getting caught off guard doesn’t happen much to Spelling. She is constantly on the lookout for fun ways to reinvent events, which is probably why she recently paired up with Starburst Candy Corn to come up with some great entertaining tips using the sweet candy.

"I was really excited to give a fresh perspective on the holiday," says Spelling. "Halloween can be kind of cliché, so doing DIY projects are a great way to liven it up."


The tips, which you can find in the accompanying slideshow, are all extremely easy and are a beautiful accent to any type of Halloween party. After all, it is all about being fun, versatile, and efficient, according to the mom who can do it all!