Tori Spelling Celebrates Daughter's Birthday with Gardening

The actress teaches party guests how to plant vegetables, flowers

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott celebrated their daughter Stella’s 5th birthday this past weekend with a true summer soiree.

The bash was flower-themed with a heavy DIY emphasis, as, according to Spelling, Stella loves crafting and gardening and her mom calls her a “little DIY goddess,” which is no surprise as her mom hosted the television show Craft Wars for one season. Spelling and McDermott taught the little party guests how to plant their own flowers, berries, and vegetables, and held the party in conjunction with Crocs shoe company, the perfect shoe for the outdoor festivities.

Stella was decked out for her party in a sparkly green skirt and a pink shirt, ensuring that she is not only taking after Spelling’s craftiness but also her sense of style, as well.


Not only is this party a good source of inspiration for your own outdoor festivities this summer season, it is also a good approach towards engaging kids in a fun, hands-on way of teaching them the importance of healthy eating and organic food.