On the 'Top Chef' Cruise, Kristen Kish Cooks Room Service and More

A recap of all the shenanigans from the cheftestant-ridden journey
What Happened on 'Top Chef: The Cruise' | Recap
Top Chef: The Cruise

Just in case you didn't get a chance to shell out upward of $749 to hang on a cruise with your Top Chef besties, The Hollywood Reporter has an extensive diary to show you just how much you missed.

There are tidbits like how people posed with cardboard cutouts of the chefs "while the actual chefs walk[ed] by," while Spike Mendelsohn was seen meandering down the street at port in Key West, eating some Key lime pie.

Richard Blais went jogging with 20 or so excited cruisers, while diners tried their best to dine in the dark (but oftentimes cheated to figure out what they're eating). There was a Top Chef Jeopardy game that was effectively Slumdog Millionaire'd, as The Hollywood Reporter reports, by a teenager.

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The best part? Most recent winner Kristen Kish talked her way into the galley to make a grilled cheese sandwich at two in the morning, intercepted a room service call, cooked the order, and delivered it herself. Girl crush: solidified.