Top 10 Underestimated Cities for Food

These cities will surprise your taste buds and your travel itinerary

The Raymond Restaurant, a caretaker’s cottage in the 1800s, is now an innovative restaurant in Pasadena, Calif. that boasts contemporary American menu.

We all know where to find good food in this country, with culinary hot spots continuously popping up in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Chicago; the bar is set high for good eats. But what about the cities and towns in between the big time culinary hubs?

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If you love quaint small towns, tropical islands, student-run establishments, or are just looking to indulge your palate while in town on business, there is plenty of good food to be found in places where you’d least expect it.

The places on this list represent the underdogs of America’s culinary scene, each bringing something special to the table, be it local art for ambiance, farm-to-table fare, Neapolitan pizza, or Southern staples served with historic charm. We’ve ranked our choices based on critical acclaim as well as the town's number of restaurants per capita. We’ve also highlighted at least one restaurant in each spot that showcases the best of the town’s culinary offerings.


Whether you find yourself traveling for business, for pleasure, or just happen to be passing through, these cities are sure to surprise you both for their food and their local attractions.