Top 10 Music Festivals for Food

Food, as much as the bands, headline these festivals
Jane Bruce

Be sure to try the peasant, quail, and Andouille sausage gumbo from Prejean’s Restaurant when at Jazz Fest.

Who’s honestly thinking about food while frolicking around a music festival, right? Wrong. Just spend one day in the sweltering heat of Coachella, located in the desert of Indio, Calif., and you’ll be begging for sustenance to keep you both sane and satiated so you can last through an entire set of Simian Mobile Disco. In fact, you will quickly find that food is central to the music festival experience. But some music festivals go above and beyond with their culinary offerings.

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We’re here to give you the top edible recommendations for these primarily audible events. From the best Creole food at New Orleans’s Jazz Fest to top food trucks at New York City's Governors Ball, we selected and ranked the top U.S. music festivals for food based on variety, price, reflection of the region and/or vibe of the festival, and special food-related events.


Music festivals, especially ones with ticket entry fees, are not typically known for their frugality. Food prices can sometimes rocket, but if you take our advice, you’ll end up getting the best value for your buck. And you will definitely be saying, "It was worth it!" repeatedly. Check out our top 10 list to get you started on an epic sensorial journey across the country.