The Top 10 Most Misspelled Food Words

Some of these are pretty obvious, but others might surprise you
Wikimedia Commons/ Fir0002

When you’re on the prowl for a food delivery and head to GrubHub, you might not realize that they’re keeping track of not only what you’re searching for, but how you spell those words. The company, which recently merged with Seamless, spent the entire month of April tracking the spelling of searches in more than 500 U.S. towns, and their findings might surprise you (or might not). Here are the most misspelled food words:

10) Vegetarian
This word was misspelled almost 2 percent of the time. The most common spellings were "vegitarian" and "vegeterian."

9) Macaroni
Misspelled more than 3 percent of the time, it was incorrectly spelled "macoroni" and "maccaroni."

8) Barbecue
Also misspelled more than 3 percent of the time, every time it was spelled wrong it was spelled "barbacue."

7) Chipotle
Not only one of the most commonly misspelled food words, it’s also one of the most commonly mispronounced food words. The offenders, who misspelled it nearly 4 percent of the time, spelled it "chipolte," of course.

6) Tomato
Just like Dan Quayle, nearly 5 percent of the people who typed this word into the search bar spelled it "tomatoe."

5) Sandwich
It might be shocking, but more than 7 percent of people who tried to order a sandwich via GrubHub spelled it "sandwhich." A smaller percentage also thought that "sandwitch" was the proper spelling.

4) Dessert
More than 10 percent of the population apparently didn’t learn how to spell dessert, spelling it "desert." Two s’s because you want seconds, remember?

3) Omelet/Omelette
This word was misspelled more than 17 percent of the time, which is more understandable than, say, sandwich because of its French origin. "Omlette" and "omlett" were the most common misspellings.

2) Caesar
The name of this salad (and the Roman emperor) was misspelled a whopping 40 percent, with almost 20 percent swapping the "a" and "e" and almost 7 percent leaving off the first "a" entirely, spelling it "cesar."


1) Fettuccine
Odds are, if you’re typed the name of this pasta recently, you’ve spelled it wrong. An astonishing 70 percent of those who typed it into GrubHub’s search bar misspelled it, with an equal percentage turning it into "fettucine" or "fettucini."