Top 10 Culinary Revelations from Martha Stewart's Reddit AMA


Martha Stewart answered a few of the internet's burning questions about being Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart, the queen of keeping house, showed up on Reddit on March 6th to answer questions about good housekeeping, her friendship with Snoop, and of course, food. Her show Martha Stewart’s Cooking School airs weekends on PBS, and Martha Bakes will return to PBS in April. Along with lots of great tips on how to be amazing in the kitchen, we learned that she prefers Ana Gasteyer, formerly of Saturday Night Live, to other Martha impersonators, changes her bed sheets every day, and thinks Pharrell Williams is cute. Here are Martha's top-rated food revelations:

How do you feel about the prevalence of truffle oil in modern restaurants?

I think truffle oil is one of the few ingredients that doesn't belong in anyone's kitchen. It is ruinous of most recipes.

What are your top three rules for hosting?

Pay attention to your guests, interact with them, and feed them fine food and wine.

What are the best apples for baking pie?

Tart and crisp, preferably with a thin red skin — like a Gravenstein or a Macoun.

What is your favorite Cajun/Creole dish (if you have one)?

Any number of gumbos. Remember, we have access to everything Emeril on my site.

Julia Child was such a major household name for so many years and in ways a pioneer. What would you say you learned most from her?

I've tried every single one of Julia's recipes in her French cookbooks. She was a wonderful teacher, and she inspired all of us to expand our cooking repertoire.

What's the craziest thing you have ever seen in the kitchen?

The catamole bowl

Ever in the mood for Indian? What's on the menu if so?

Love Indian food. Especially raita, naan, dal, and saag paneer.

How many tacos can you eat in one sitting?

I was at a really good Mexican restaurant yesterday, and I ate one whole taco. I was still hungry.

Is there a culinary tradition you would like to explore and practice more in depth?

Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Lastly, just in general:

Always use a recipe. You'll have much better results.


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