Tokyo Restaurant Tries to Make Noodle-less Ramen Happen

A restaurant in Tokyo is trying to get people to order ramen with no noodles
Ramen without noodles


The Bikku Ramen restaurant in Tokyo is offering a discount if customers order their ramen without any noodles in it.

There are lots of different kinds of ramen. There are different broths, different toppings, high-end versions, and instant versions, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re all full of noodles. Now, however, one Tokyo ramen restaurant is actually serving ramen without noodles.

According to Rocket News 24’s Oona McGee, Bikku Ramen in Tokyo seems like a completely normal ramen restaurant with all the different menu options one would expect from such a place. But one item on the menu is making customers do a double-take: a version “without noodles” for a 30 yen discount.


Thirty yen is only about 25 cents, and most people would not be giving up their delicious carbohydrates for such a paltry sum. The noodle-less ramen is a pretty good-looking soup, though. It’s nearly two pounds of vegetables and an egg piled high in a bowl full of broth. It’s apparently still pretty tasty, and certainly more healthful than the typical ramen, but most people would probably want to spend the quarter and keep their noodles.