Tim Tams' Triumphant US Return

Australia’s favorite cookie is reintroduced to the US courtesy Pepperidge Farm

Caramel and Chocolate Crème Tim Tams.

You have got to give Top Chef’s Gail Simmons credit for excellent judgment. She’s the spokesperson for the re-introduction into the United States of Australia’s favorite cookie, the Tim Tam, courtesy of Pepperidge Farm. Tim Tams (not to be confused with Tam Tams, a matzo cracker made by Manischewitz and also enjoyed by Jews down under) is like a chocolate graham cookie on steroids.

Two chocolate biscuits sandwich chocolate cream or caramel and are enveloped in dark chocolate. Like Mallomars, they’re only available at your local supermarket on a seasonal basis (October to March, $3.39/pack of 9). While Chocolate Crème and Caramel Tim Tams are available at stores nation-wide, Classic Dark Tim Tams are sold only at Target.