Throw a Princess and the Pea Party

Paint the party with green and pink and create a menu fit for a true Princess

Kids are always going through phases —superheroes, Disney, or even dinosaurs. Whatever your child is into these days, it’s probably taken over their rooms, their toys, and maybe even their wardrobe. Next year, they will be having a new moment, so why not capture this one?

Michelle Burt of Maddycakes Muse had the same thought. Occasion after occasion, party after party, she continues to think up masterpiece ideas and brings them to life with her vivid imagination.
She created an ultra-adorable "Princess and the Pea" party for her daughter Madison, who is a super fan of the classic fairytale.

With bright pink and green hues, Burt let the story pop off the page and into Madison’s bedroom, where the party was held in keeping with the theme of the book.
On the "bed table" sat pea- and flower-filled vases and printed DIY princess plates, and alongside them, a pink box filled with an edible green truffle "pea."

On the menu were stacks of rainbow pancakes adorned with pea-topped toothpicks, scrumptious cinnamon bun and doughnut skewers displayed from a sparkly doll bed centerpiece, and milk bottles wrapped in fabric, with swirled straws to match. 

While you can read all the details here, we’re really interested in her themed treats! She told Hostess with the Mostess how she achieved the menu: 

"I’m a do-it-yourself crafty girl who knows you can have a fabulous party on a budget. As in most of my parties, I crafted many of the items for this princess party. I knew I wanted to go with the whole bed theme and my inspiration was the bed table from Jennifer of HWTM seen some time ago on her blog. I thought since I was serving breakfast it was a perfect fit. 

Since this party was not for Madison’s birthday we kept it small. I knew for the breakfast buffet table, I wanted to have a bed centerpiece and found a perfect doll bed at JoAnn’s on clearance! I stacked Styrofoam then hot glued ribbon and flowers to make the "mattresses" like in the story. On the top of the Styrofoam, I stuck in store-bought mini powdered doughnuts and cinnamon buns on sticks, and strawberry yogurt. To fill in, I placed flowers into the Styrofoam.

I made the pancake stands with candlestick holders from JoAnn’s, 6-inch round wood piece for top, 3-inch round wood piece on the bottom and E-6000 glue. I spray-painted the whole stand white. Once I put them together, I realized it needed something more so I added pom pom ribbon. To be food safe, I placed a hot pink doily found at Dollar Tree on top so that the food would not be directly on the stand.

For the pancakes, I found a flower egg and pancake mold at World Market. I wanted the pancakes to be different colors to simulate mattresses, which was easily done with a few drops of food coloring. To keep them from sliding off the stands I secured the pancakes with a lollipop stick through the middle that I hot glued a green pea (bead) on top.

I am not a great baker so store-bought is the route for me. I put Little Debbie Butterfly cakes in a princess tutu basket and spring flower cookies from Dollar Tree in a fence basket I already owned.

The milk containers are Starbucks Frappuccino bottles that I have used for so many parties. I added Strawberry Magic Milk Straws with fabric.

There you have it — look for more of Burt's party tips to come in Entertain, and for your own party inspiration, visit Maddycakes Muse!