Thousands of Bees Die in Massive Honey Spill

Spilled honey draws thousands of bees to their deaths
Wikimedia/James Petts

Thousands of bees died in a Florida honey spill.

A bump in the road caused an enormous honey spill in Florida that resulted in the deaths of thousands of honeybees who showed up at the scene this morning.

According to Gawker, 200 gallons, or about 2,400 pounds, of honey were spilled on a Florida highway when a flatbed truck hit a bump and a barrel full of honey it was hauling spilled and created a huge, sticky mess. Emergency workers who came to try to clean the spill had an extra difficult time because the smell of the honey attracted an enormous swarm of bees, and thousands of them showed up to eat the honey.

The bees reportedly stuck around the scene for several hours, and in the process thousands of them were crushed by traffic or washed away by firefighters.

Traffic driving through the spill exacerbated the mess, which held up traffic for several hours before it could be cleaned.

“Everyone fared pretty well,” said fireman Evan Totter. “Except the traffic . . . and the bees.”

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