Thoughts Everyone Has When Going Through Airport Security

It’s so annoying to waste $5 on a water bottle that airport security is just going to make you throw away

We all are thinking the same thing.

Wait — where is my passport? I just had it in my hand a second ago. What the — oh, no, nevermind. It’s still there in my hand. False alarm — haha!

Damn it. I just wasted $5 on this water bottle that I didn’t even open yet, and I am in no mood to chug right now. Airport security is so going to make me throw it out. This is so annoying.

Actually though I am really hungry. I definitely need to eat before I get on the plane. Hopefully I have enough time to spend at least 10 minutes wandering around the News Agent and reading all the magazines, too.

Drink some of the water so it’s not such a total waste.

Ugh, I hate having to take my shoes off.  My feet so totally smell right now. These shoes are so old. Also, I should have totally worn socks. I never learn.

Okay, wait, take one last sip of water before you throw it out.


Great, now I have to pee.