Things You’ll Only Understand if You’re From Canada

Poutine is good, but is it seriously that good?

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Settle down, Canada.

Canada and the States occasionally find themselves at odds with each other. There are some things that we as Americans will never understand when it comes to Canadian culture, like why they have such funny accents or why they are so obsessed with Tim Horton’s. There are some things only Canadians understand when it comes to food.

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There is nothing in the world like poutine. It simply makes every day that much better.

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If you want a good bagel, you need to go to Montreal. The bagels in Montreal are smaller than New York bagels (damn those American portion sizes!) and are also much sweeter.

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If there was any one food you need for survival, it is a bannock. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the culinary masterpieces you can create with a bannock.

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Tim Horton’s is the holy grail of coffee and doughnuts in Canada.

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You haven’t tried bacon until you’ve had peameal bacon.