The Ultimate Drinking Gadgets for Summer 2013

Your gear guide for easy summer drinking

Summer drinking gadgets.

We admit it: We love buying new cocktail gear almost as much as we enjoy drinking summer cocktails. Each year, we can’t wait for the season to begin so we can pick up the latest and greatest gadgets no matter if we have room for them or not.

And fortunately, every year brands introduce a range of products, from high-tech tools and delicious natural mixers to complex spirits. But don’t worry — we’ve done the hard work of combing the Web and sorting through press releases to find the gear you’ll definitely want to buy and you’ll actually use.

We’re so excited by this summer’s crop, we’ve put together a slideshow of nine must-haves. Check out the complete list now and then go shopping. Cheers!

Click here to see's complete gear list for summer 2013. 


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