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This Is the 1 Thing You Need for College Meals This Year

No, you don’t have to live off ramen noodles
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As you pack all the dorm essentials for your first year of college or as you pack up boxes to move from one apartment to the next, there is one thing you might be missing.

The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Store-Bought Hot Dogs

Although it might not seem like an essential compared to things like a shower caddy, ramen noodles and a mini fridge, a Crock-Pot could be just what you need to make it through studying, exam weeks and nights when you just don’t want to spend money at a restaurant.

Slow cookers are total time savers — just pop in the ingredients, turn the heat on high or low and let the food simmer while you head to classes, tackle group projects or enjoy extracurricular activities. A lot of the time, you can even use ingredients that pantry staples with long shelf lives, meaning you won’t have to necessarily run to the grocery store every time you want to cook.

Before asking grandma for cooking tips and what her favorite slow cooker recipes are though, be sure to check with your college or university’s residence hall rules and regulations. Not all schools allow Crock-Pots in the dorms because they’re a heat source and are often left unattended.


If you do end up packing your trusty slow cooker, here are our best and easiest college Crock-Pot recipes.