Thanksgiving Without Turkey: 7 Alternatives

Turkey alternatives for your Thanksgiving meal

You don’t need a turkey to have a delicious Thanksgiving.

Some of us love the traditional Thanksgiving bird, and wouldn't be willing to give it up under any circumstances. But, for those of us who want to shake things up for the holiday a bit this year, we’ve compiled some fantastic recipes for turkey alternatives… and we’re not talking Tofurkey.

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As food lovers with sophisticated palates have taken over the country, it’s becoming more and more common to try new main plates at Thanksgiving tables. Ham is a customary swap for turkey, but what about roasted and stuffed pork, or roast cod with crabmeat?

Depending on your tastes and the region that you live in, these substitutions are not unusual, and they are a great way to switch things up for your family, especially if they aren’t turkey lovers. For red-meat eaters, try switching to bison for a holiday dish. Feeling ultra-confident? Attempt a turducken (a turkey, duck, and chicken all-in one).


No matter what you choose to plate and carve this Thanksgiving, make sure you consult our recipes first for some great ideas on turkey alternatives.