Thanksgiving Playlist for Adults

Before you sit down and give thanks this year, press play on our 'Thank You' soundtrack

The biggest eating day of the year is nearly upon us, but while we’re finalizing our menus and deciding how many types of sweet potatoes to make, we can’t forget the true meaning of the day: to give thanks. 

So this year, after the turkey is roasted and the table is set, create a gratitude-filled ambiance by running through our playlist of thankful tunes. It will make your guests feel welcome and will provide a great soundtrack for the much-loved meal.

1. Give Thanks and Praises — Bob Marley 

2. Thank You — Jay-Z 

3. Thank You for Loving Me — Bon Jovi 

4. Thank God I Found You — Mariah Carey

5. Thank You — Led Zeppelin

6. Gratitude — Paul McCartney

7. Thank You — Dido

8. Thank You for Being A Friend — Andrew Gold

9. Thank You — Keith Urban 

10. Thankful — Josh Groban

11. What a Wonderful World — Louis Armstrong

12. Kind and Generous — Natalie Merchant

13. Sometimes in the Fall — Phoenix

14. Young Pilgrims — The Shins

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