Thanksgiving Jelly Shots for Kids and Grown-Ups

Single-serving Jell-O molds are coming back in style, for kids and adults alike

There’s all sorts of nice things you’ll be setting on your kitchen table this Thanksgiving. You’ll be placing your golden brown turkey. A nice pot of gravy. A mound of hot mashed potatoes. And, then there’s that Jell-O mold.

Jell-O molds are coming back into tres chic style, and why not? Ever since the advent of the alchohol-studded jelly shots, mini, one-bite Jell-O molds are cuter and cooler than ever. But, who said grown-ups have to have all the fun? There are all sorts of delicious jelly shot recipes that you can make for the kiddies, too. Here are seven jelly shot recipes for kids and adults that will add sparkle and sass to your Thanksgiving table.

Brooke Mclay


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