Thanksgiving Holidays Around the World

Countries around the world have different ways of giving thanks

Liberians celebrate Thanksgiving with dancing and music.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that, for many, seems as American as apple pie. As with many "American" traditions, though (including apple pie), the holiday is not unique to our country. Several countries around the world have their own Thanksgiving traditions; some are somehow tied to the American tradition while others have histories separate from our own.

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For example, Liberia (a West African country that was founded by freed American slaves) observes a Thanksgiving holiday that is inspired from the American tradition and celebrates the founding and freedom of their country. Germans, however, have a thanksgiving tradition that developed over centuries in gratitude for a successful harvest.

As you might imagine, not everyone is eating turkey and stuffing on this day, either. Liberians incorporate cassavas into their menus, Germans choose to serve traditional dishes like wienerschnitzel, and habitants of Norfolk Island sometimes prepare bananas.  

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