Thanksgiving Airport-Dining Survival Guide

Eating on the fly: where to find your Thanksgiving meal in an airport

If you find yourself stuck in an airport for Thanksgiving, try these restaurants for an authentic Thanksgiving meal on the fly.

Many travelers choose to fly on Thanksgiving Thursday because it’s less expensive and there are fewer fellow flyers. According to USA Today, Thursday is the cheapest day to fly during the entire holiday weekend.  (The most expensive is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.) Lower fares do indeed lure many travelers to fly on the holiday itself, but what happens if you are stuck in the airport during prime turkey-eating hours? Do you opt for Wendy’s or Burger King and call it a day? Not necessarily.

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Luckily, if you're stuck at an airport on Thanksgiving, you won’t necessarily have to sit in an uncomfortable, cramped chair at the boarding gate and shovel a fast-food burger into your mouth. Several airport restaurants throughout the U.S. do offer Thanksgiving dining options. I polled some of my colleagues (both pilots and other flight attendants), as well as inquired with some folks at airports that I regularly frequent and many of them gave me information about their Thanksgiving specials.  In general, "local" airport restaurants (as opposed to chains) tend to be more likely to offer Thanksgiving dinner. Additionally, airport hotel restaurants often participate in a Thanksgiving Day feast for guests. Now all we need is for airports to offer a plush couch, a large television blasting multiple football games, and a post-feast nap, in true Thanksgiving Day tradition. 

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