'Thank God It's Not Me': Other Chefs React to Pete Wells vs. Guy Fieri

A few days into the Wells vs. Fieri debate, other chefs are chiming in
Guy Fieri on His New Restaurant and Critics

The 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives' star discusses his new Times Square mega-restaurant

Guy Fieri has given this thoughts on The New York Times' way-harsh (but probably spot on?) review of Guy's American Bar & Kitchen in Times Square, and Pete Wells has also responded to the backlash, so naturally, other chefs are weighing in.

On Team Fieri: Sandra Lee, who headed to Guy's American Bar & Kitchen yesterday to support the fellow Food Network personality. "Going to lunch with guy fieri at guys american bar and grill! Can't wait. My friend went last night and said it was awesome-good for him!" Lee tweeted.

On Team Wells: Eddie Huang, who wrote an epic blog post extolling the virtues of The New York Times' reviews. "This was the moment where an essential voice in the food world went on the record and said f*ck you food network, f*ck you guy fieri, f*ck this system of big box restaurants with Cheesecake Factory food propped up by people who can't cook," Huang wrote (sans asterisks. We're a family-friendly site, guys).

Some chefs like Michael White (whose restaurant, Nicoletta, didn't fare too well in Times waters as well) are staying out of the game (his representative says, "We are impartial and support everyone's opinions."). Other chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli felt the review could've gone to another restaurant that needed it. "For me, I think I would like to see restaurant reviewers review restaurants that were really hurt by Hurricane Sandy and could use the exposure to drive the business to their venues," Guarnaschelli said in an interview with Joy Behar.


As for smaller chefs? Well, Paul Malvone, of Fieri-approved Boston Burger Company in Somerville, Mass., felt the review was a little uncalled for. "I’m not going to lie, I was like thank God it’s not me. They were going right down the line and ripping," Malvone told the Boston Globe. "I thought it was rather harsh, and I understand he’s a celebrity and it’s someone’s opinion, [but] it’s harsh and a little early to review someone like that.”