Texas Pizza Company Breaks Guinness World Record!

Their 46.2 square-foot pizza is the largest commercially available pizza

The Dirt Road Cookers team make the world's largest commercially available pizza pie.

The Dirt Road Cookers, a Hondo, Texas pizza company, has broken the record for the world’s largest commercially available pizza. The catering team, headed by chef Kurt Oefinger, set up shop in front of the Guinness World Record museum in San Antonio last month to bake a 46.64 square foot, 100-pound pie, the world’s largest, according to Daily Mail.

The team of eight broke the previous record, with a pizza double the size of the previous record holder’s pizza. (The former record holder, Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria, had been making their 54 by 54 inch pizza since 2008, and their world record became official on September 30, 2010, Guiness World Records told The Daily Meal.)

The specially made oven used to cook the pie took one year to design and another year to build, chef Oefinger told Daily Mail. The team divided up the work, and they finished making the pie in under two hours. “I'm the team leader, one looks after the fire, two are on toppings, we have two girls who help us with water and things like that because it gets hot and two work on the base,” he said.

The Dirt Road Cookers have been serving 8 foot pizzas at parties, with various toppings and shapes (like a palm tree-shaped pizza). Their menu includes “adventurous” pizza toppings, such as nachos, frito pie, and chicken fried steak.


Chef Oefinger hopes that this new world record will attract more customers like Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria did, and it seems likely that they will attract their fair share of pizza-goers.