Teens Enjoy Candlelit Dinner at McDonald's

In a practical joke, 2 teenagers tried to enjoy their Big Macs with forks, knives, and candlelight

Keeping it classy, even at McDonald's.

We've heard of couples getting married at a McDonald's, and while we're sure the reception included plastic flutes of champagne and tablecloths on those occasions, it seems like whipping out the candlelight on any old dinner date is frowned upon.

Metro UK reports that two teenagers, Cameron Ford and Adam Welland, decided to class up their local Mickey D's by bringing in a tablecloth, fake candles, wine glasses, and cutlery, only to be told to leave. Metro reports that the teenagers were warned "leave or your [sic] banned," when the two were only trying to bring a little class to the fast-food joint. "It was just the standard knives and forks. Clearly we were planning to take over the whole of McDonald’s, so they had to stop that," Welland tweeted.

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Turns out, however, that other staff members and surrounding customers overturned the one staff member's decision to kick them out, leaving the boys to enjoy their meal in peace. Since then, however, the story has gone viral; McDonald's has yet to comment on the incident, but we imagine many copycat pranks will ensue.