Teen Drugs Parents' Milkshakes to Use Internet

Today in 'what is wrong with kids today? news'

We fully recommend that adults over 21 spike their milkshakes with a shot of Baileys or two, but drugging someone else's milkshake? Never.

Yet that somehow sounded like a good idea to a teenager in Rocklin, Calif., who was so desperate to use the Internet after 10 p.m. that she decided to drug her parents.

According to CBS, the teenager offered to buy her parents milkshakes (dad ordered chocolate; mom ordered vanilla), then ground her friend's prescription sleep medicine into the shakes. The parents only drank a quarter of the milkshake, but it was enough to put them to sleep. "[The milkshakes] had a crunchy texture, bad taste in their mouth," Lt. Lon Milka said in a press release. "Subsequently, they fell asleep."

The next morning the parents suspected something was up and took a drug test, then confronted the teenager, who confessed. The teenager and her friend are now held in juvenile hall and charged with conspiracy and "willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food," CBS reports. Even worse? This isn't the first time the teen has snuck sleeping pills into her parents' food. Kids, if you're reading this, the Internet isn't worth it.


In the meantime, Grub Street has rounded up some other instances of milkshake misdeeds, including a foiled attempt to assassinate Castro.