Smart Fridge Tells You What's Expiring

LG is showcasing its new smart fridge, with a 'Blast Chiller' feature, at CES

Phones may have been the first things to smarten up and meet our needs, but it looks like refrigerators (and ovens, and washing machines) are next.

LG just announced its line of smart home appliances (debuted at 2011's Consumer Electronics Show), and it looks like this year's CES will have a smart fridge with a "Smart Manager" and a "Blast Chiller."

The Smart Manager shows users on an LED screen and smartphones what food is inside, where it is, and when it expires, which would actually be pretty helpful in deterring you from buying too many lemons when you've forgotten about the three at home.

LG's other smart advancement, the Blast Chiller, won CES 2012's "Best of Innovations" award and can reportedly cool 12-ounce cans of beer or soda in less than five minutes. So you can get rid of that beer fridge from college now.

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