Teacher Fired for Putting Kids in Trunk for Snack Run

A teacher really wanted to get some snacks, but she didn’t think it through
Wikimedia/Brandon Rush

An Oklahoma teacher was feeling peckish, so she piled 11 kids into her car and drove to Walmart.

A middle school teacher in Oklahoma was fired last week for putting students in the trunk of her car during an unsanctioned food run, and even she admits it was a terrible idea.

According to Gawker, Heather Cagle had been teaching at the Wells Middle School in Catoosa, Okla., for 10 years and was a cheerleading coach and an advisor for the yearbook. Back in October, she was working with the yearbook staff when she decided she wanted to make a quick run to a nearby Walmart for some snacks. The only problem was that she was supervising 11 12-year-old kids and drove a Honda Accord, so she decided the best solution was to put two kids in the front passenger seat, seven piled in a pyramid in the back, and two in the trunk.

Security cameras in the parking lot caught the whole thing on tape, and parents were not pleased. Cagle was not even authorized to take the students off campus without their parents’ permission, and certainly not to put them in the trunk of her car to make a quick run for some goldfish crackers.

Cagle maintains that it was a dumb mistake, but her intentions were good.


“I didn’t want to hurt anyone,” she said. “I just wanted to do something nice.”