Teacher Arrested for Eating Classroom Hamster

The teacher said he ate the class pet to teach students about respecting animal life
Wikimedia/Keith Pomakis

The teacher said he ate the class pet to teach students about respecting animal life.

A man who is absolutely not getting his “World’s Best Teacher” mug this year was arrested last week for eating the classroom pet. While devouring the class hamster would be enough to ruin anyone’s chances at teacher of the year, the teacher made it even worse by eating the hamster in front of the class and telling the students it was a lesson in respecting animal rights.

According to Rocket News 24, on May 11 a teacher in South Korea suddenly grabbed the classroom’s pet hamster out of its enclosure and swallowed the live hamster whole while the children watched.

The school allegedly tried to cover the incident up, but it’s hard to hide that sort of thing when a whole classroom full of children runs home and says, “Guess what happened in class today.”

Once the story got out, the police investigated and the teacher confessed. He said he ate the hamster because he thought children could be cruel to animals and did not understand the value of life, so he decided to give them a memorable lesson in animal rights.  

I gathered my courage and swallowed a live hamster to attempt to convey in a special way the reason that we should cherish animals,” he said.

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