Tasty or Not? Airasia Meal Review

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Tasty or Not? Airasia Meal Review

On yet another inflight meal mystery tour we take a trip from Singapore to Phuket with Air Asia but this was no direct flight! On purpose we booked our flight via Kuala Lumper in order to pre order meals on the first and on the second flight. We have always heard great things about the meals on Air Asia so surely it’s going to taste great? Right? Here’s our Air Asia meal review. 

At the time of booking our flight tickets we pre ordered the following dishes for our flights:

Singapore to Kuala Lumper- Sweet and Sour Fish with Flavored Rice and the famous Chicken Satay.

Kuala Lumper to Phuket- Nasi Lemak and to drink we pre order the famous Mat Kepala (coconut drink!)


Our first flight is rather rushed but we have enough time to sample our meals as we are served first because we pre ordered the meals. The packaging’s great and the photos of the meals look good but once you open the meal you realise that photography can make you expect something a little better than what’s being served.

As you can see the chicken satays look as though they have been thrown together quickly and look rather browner than what’s on the packaging. The taste isn’t any better, the meat is tough and we even start to wonder about the meat! The sweet and sour fish is no better and we begin to wonder why we thought the meals on Air Asia would be so good. We transfer in Kuala Lumper and wonder if the second set of meals aboard our next flight will be any better…..

Everyone always says how great the Nasi Lemak on Air Asia is, so we are hoping that things will turn around on our Kuala Lumper to Phuket flight. The meal is served along with our Mat Kepala and once we open the packaging we quickly realise the meal doesn’t look appetising at all. The egg doesn’t look too good, and there’s way too much brown going on! The taste is no better and after about two mouth fulls we decide it’s game over. On the plus side though the Mat Kepala is simply amazing and something quite unique to drink inflight. If you do have to pre order something at least try the Mat Kepala!

We always do try and look at the good side of every inflight meal experience. But this time Air Asia your meals are not of the same standard of other airlines that sell inflight hot meals. Would we eat on Air Asia again? Probably not. Check out our video of the experience below!


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