Homemade Pop-Tarts for a Family Breakfast

Stroll down memory lane with these nostalgic treats

Chocolate Poptarts

It’s time to start baking up a breakfast table. Something simple and splendid. Something that wows even the most breakfast-disillusioned amongst us. These beautiful homemade pop-tarts make the perfect magical morning breakfast. From classic strawberry to homemade fig pop-tarts with a boozy icing, you might just find that eating breakfast is more fun!

— Crooke McLay, Babble


Whole-Wheat Strawberry Pop-tarts

Give your pop-tarts a fresh twist with this homemade strawberry filling, whole-wheat dough, and beautiful pink icing.

Click for the recipe from Cheeky Kitchen

Cherry Jam Pop-tarts

Homemade cherry pop-tarts with a vanilla bean glaze are simple and splendid.

Click for the recipe from Spicy Ice Cream


Pop-tarts with Maple-Bourbon Glaze

Homemade fig and bacon pop-tarts with a maple-bourbon glaze!

Click for the recipe from My Man's Belly



Chocolate Pop-tarts

Homemade dark chocolate pop-tarts are like living in France. On Christmas morning. With snowflake crystals on your eyelashes. Life is this good.

Make chocolate pop-tarts


Cherry Pop-tart Pops

Pop-tarts have never been so perfect.

Make pop-tart pops




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